Book One of the Three Kingdoms in 300 Characters Series

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The Series

The Three Kingdoms in 300 Characters Series is adapted from one of the greatest Chinese classic novels, Romance of the Three Kingdoms. The series contains historical stories that bring to life the political struggles, military battles and social transformation of the Three Kingdoms era.

The Peach Garden Oath
Book One

The Peach Garden Oath is book one of the series “Three Kingdoms in 300 Characters”. The story sets up the beginning of the Three Kingdoms, when three important figures meet and become the best known brotherhood in Chinese history.

Our Team & Advisors


Jean Cheng

Creator & Author

Jean Cheng is a Chicago-based Chinese teacher, entrepreneur, and creator of the Three Kingdoms in 300 Characters series. She has had over fifteen years of Chinese-teaching experience since she founded Hello Chinese Learning School in 2005. She is an alumnus of Tsinghua University’s undergraduate Chinese Literature program. Initially inspired by her two daughters, she sought to teach Chinese in a meaningful and exciting way.


Sun Lan


Ms. Sun Lan is a Chicago-based Chinese teacher and co-author of the Three Kingdoms in 300 Characters series. She teaches Chinese at Hello-Chinese Co.  since 2012.  She is an alumnus of the Capital Normal University in Beijing. She taught at the university before she came to the US.


Dr. Li Yuelin

Master Calligrapher
Dr. Li Yuelin graduated from Peking University with a PhD in physics. He started to practice the art of Chinese calligraphy at a young age and his works have been collected by private and public museums. He is the president of the Seven-Seas Chinese Calligraphy Institute, a non-profit organization headquartered in Chicago. Currently, Dr. Li Yuelin is a scientist at Argonne National Laboratory. He was a recipient of various fellowships including the Alexander Von Humboldt Fellowship (Germany) and the Royal Society Fellowship (UK).

Dr. Tang


Dr. Lixing Tang is a professor of TESOL and foreign language education at New York University. He is currently the co-director of Project Developing Chinese Language Teachers at the Steinhardt School of Culture, Education, and Human Development NYU. Dr. Tang has published books and articles on teaching methods, humanistic approach to teaching, educating children with interrupted formal education (SIFE), brain-based learning, developing English reading and writing skills, and communicative English. 

ed lim



Book Designer



claire jia


eunice shek