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Book 02

Cao Cao & the

Book 03

Three Visits to the Sleeping Dragon Village

Book 04

A Hundred Thousand 
“Gifted” Arrows

Book 05

Fire Battle of the
Red Cliffs

Three Kingdoms in
300 Characters

The Three Kingdoms in 300 Characters Series is adapted from one of the greatest Chinese classic novels, Romance of the Three Kingdoms.

The series contains historical stories that bring to life the political struggles, military battles and social transformation of the Three Kingdoms era.

These stories demonstrate three big ideas:

The Peach Garden Oath
Book One

The Peach Garden Oath is book one of the series “Three Kingdoms in 300 Characters”. The story sets up the beginning of the Three Kingdoms, when three important figures meet and become the best known brotherhood in Chinese history.

Calligraphy Showcase

Each book has two sections: a story and a calligraphy showcase. The calligraphy showcase will give you an opportunity to learn about the language behind the story and appreciate the beauty of Chinese brush-writing.